I finally know I have a Quahog Pearl!

by Kris R

pretty good representation, although it looks oblong

pretty good representation, although it looks oblong

Back in 1991 I was clamming with a boyfriend in the intercoastal waterway in St Petersburg, FL. When I opened one of the clams, I found this unusual lavender colored pearl. It was nearly perfectly round (I know pearls are rarely, if ever, perfectly round, but this one comes close). Over the years I've taken it to many reputable jewelers/local 'experts' and not one has been able to tell me "what" it is, much less its value. (so much for experts, huh?)

Lately, I've seen a few sites with images and NOW I finally know what I have - a beautiful quahog pearl. It measures 11-12 cm x 11-12 cm, has a beautiful deep dusty lavender color and has never had any type of enhancement. It's been sitting in a case in a case in my drawer for years.

I would love to know its value, and would, for the right price, be willing to part with it.

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Feb 03, 2016
Glad you have found out you have a Quahog pearl!
by: Kari

Hi Kris,

I'm glad you have finally found out that you have a quahog pearl! It took way too long, but maybe it was worth the wait.

Congratulations on finding a rare quahog pearl and a lovely one at that.

Yours has 3 great qualities: size, color, shape.

All those qualities add to the value.

EGL in NYC appraises quahog pearls between $200-800/carat. That may have increased in recent years.

Because yours has so many high qualities I imagine it to be on the upper range of that appraisal.

You are most welcome to list it for sale on my site, if you wish. There is no fee to list it. My guidelines and instructions for listing are here: https://www.karipearls.com/pearl-for-sale.html

Please let me know if you have questions if you decide to list it.

All the best to you and again, Congratulations!

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