I found a blue pearl in a mussel - Italy

by Margherita
(Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)

Blue Pearl fround in Italy

Blue Pearl fround in Italy

Ten days ago, I found a blue pearl in a mussel while I ate "paella" with my friend in a restaurant/pizzeria in my city.

At first I thought the cook had lost the earring :)
Its diameter is 7mm and it's very beautiful and almost perfectly rounded.
It's a wonderful discover for me and from that day I developed a true obsession about pearls...
I'll send you a photo!
Margherita from Udine, Italy

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Jun 05, 2017
Blue mussel pearl
by: Margherita - Udine, Italy

Dear Kari,
I know my name means pearl and therefore I am doubly happy about the discovery. I have not decided yet to make a ring or a pendant, what would you do? I would rather not pierce the pearl ...
I confirm I found the pearl in a black/blue mussel, "Cozza" in Italian.
Bologna is a beautiful city and only 260 km from my home. Even udine is a beautiful little town.
I greet you and I congratulate you for your particular work. MZ

May 11, 2017
Hello Margherita
by: Kari

Hello Margherita,

Wow, amazing. It would be so much fun to find a pearl and especially a purple one!

I'm assuming you were eating blue mussels? I've ordered them simply in hopes of finding just what you did...a lovely pearl.

Yours is amazing and quite large for a blue mussel pearl. I hope you decide to do something wonderful with it.

Did you know that your name means "Pearl"?

You can read more variations here.

So, I think a new world has opened up for you....the wonderful world of pearls! It must be in your destiny.

Years ago I decided to major and focus on natural pearls. Cultured pearls are also lovely but there are vast amounts of them. I like working with the rare, wild, natural pearls. Life is too short to try and focus on everything. Although I do offer lots of information also about culture pearls on my site.

I have blue mussel pearls for sale here. I have so many more to add to that page. I hope to get to that project soon.

Some folks are really good at finding lots of these beauties.

Thanks so much for sharing. I loved hearing about it and seeing photos.

I was in Italy for the first time a few weeks ago. I was in Bologna. What a lovely city!

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