I found a quahog pearl

by Rosemary
(Westerly RI)

Dark Purple Quahog Pearl

Dark Purple Quahog Pearl

I live in Westerly RI and in the summer my oldest daughter loves to dig for quahogs. She's always stopping over after her day with a bunch for me to make chowder with. Never before had I found a pearl before until yesterday. My husband spotted this darkish colored thing in one of the clams and before he threw it away I had a look. It's gotta be a pearl I thought. It's got a flat bottom and it don't see any cracks it it, even though it was boiling for some time. I was wondering if it was worth anything. I'd like to sell it if so.

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Aug 23, 2014
Wow! What a lovely pearl!
by: Kari

Hi Rosemary, Congratulations on finding a very rare quahog pearl! Yours has a nice size and also a nice color. I've been told that the EGL lab in NYC appraises these between $200-800/carat. Because of the size and color or yours it would be on the upper end of that. Some people think the value is even greater. A kind local jeweler would hopefully weigh it for you.

I offer a service of listing quahog pearls on my site for sale with no fees to list. Here are my current guidelines and uploading form. I add a commission and only take it when a pearl sells. Please let me know if you have questions.

Thank you for sharing! We love hearing about rare natural pearls, especially those found right here in the USA!

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