Just got this 18 carat quahog pearl authenticated

Large quahog pearl

Large quahog pearl

I found this while walking around at the beach and thought it was just a really nice pebble but as soon as I held it, I knew the weight felt different from a regular rock. Stopped at two different jewelers and they both said it was a perfect 15 by 15 mm quahog pearl that weighs 18.6 carats. I have no idea what it’s worth or where to sell it. They said I could mail it into a place to get it appraised but it would cost $350. The darker pearl is one I found a while back from clams I was shucking.

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Aug 26, 2018
by: Anonymous

Your 15x15 is perfection! It's a shame that it costs so much to have it appraised but I'd bet it would be worth it to have the paperwork.

Oct 21, 2017
by: Kari


Thanks for sharing your amazing find just on the beach. What are the chances?!

Also, finding, not one, but two jewelers who knew what it was is also almost impossible.

If I were you I'd want to get it certified, but that's up to you. Both EGL and GIA would certify it and for less than $350.

That's a huge size. Great going!

Keep searching.

God bless.

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