Kari...You're More Beautiful Than the Twelve Stones in New Jerusalem

Kari...yup, that's me. And here's a poem my husband wrote for me.

Those of you who are faithful visitors to my website have gotten to know me little by little through my pages.

Now, you can become acquainted with my husband...my romantic husband, by reading this lovely poem he wrote for me recently...yes, recently.

Even after 34 years of marriage, he still writes me poetry. I hope all of you wives are as fortunate as I am to have such a kind and loving husband.

As I write this, I'm in Perth, Scotland, chasing pearls. You'll want to read about the famous Abernathy pearl nicknamed "Litte Willie."

I just saw this pearl today on display in a shop. In two days it will be our 34 wedding anniversary and I'll then be in Ireland and Mark in Iowa, but we both can "look up at the same moon", (although at different times) and think of each other.

You are More Beautiful than the 12 Stones of New Jerusalem!

1. Jasper--You make my heart beat faster.

2. Sapphire--You fire me up!

3. Calcedony--"Chalcedony, chalcedony, you're no phoney."

4. Emerald

You are a girl emerald green
Whose heart is pure and clean;
She dresses with a pearl
Wow! What a girl--
She's the wife of my dream

5. Sardonyx

Sardonyx, laconics. No words can describe
What you mean to me. My friend, my lover,
My nurse, my helper...my all in all.

6. Sardius--Sardius red, you keep me fed.

7. Chrisolyte--You "lyte" my lamp.

8. Beryl--You're my beryl girl as well as my pearl girl.

9. Topaz--My hope "az" for you.

10. Chrysopase--Christ be praised, I'm in a daze.....over you!

11. Jacinth

Jacinth is a stone
Hyacinth is a flower
Above all the stones and
Over all te flowers
Is she who roams
And also towers

12. Amethyst--I'm a thy(r)st for you

Love, Mark
September 11, 2006

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