Large Quahog Pearl

by anonymous

Yes, I did find a quahog clam pearl twice the size of Corey's. I should add that yes, they are very rare and great care should be taken when selling them. It could be the sale of a lifetime. I'm new to computers but I will soon try to put photos of mine on this page try and be patient. Looks like we may have our market and could possibly set our figures. There are only a handful of these NATURAL (priceless)clam pearls.They are very beautiful.

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Aug 07, 2014
Gift from God for sure!
by: Kari

Hi, Yes, that would for sure be a gift from God. Quahog pearls that size and indeed very, very rare.

Please add some photos of it. We'd all love to see it. Here is a place to do that:

Add quahog pearl photos and stories.

Neat to hear about your exceptional find!

Aug 02, 2014
Gift from God.
by: Anonymous

I recently found a quohog pearl that is 21 mms in diameter.It is 11.2 mms thick.It is at least 22carrots in weight.

Jan 20, 2010
Contact me
by: Kari

Hi Ross,

You might have a good idea. Please contact me.


Jul 21, 2009
Pearl Club
by: Ross

Well everybody, Kari has a cool site. We all have awesome and interesting stories. Not many Pearls have such personal and factual stories to go along with them. I think this attribute alone makes these rare gems worth another look. Lets start a Clam Pearl Club. Let's do what Debeers does with diamonds, that is create a price they are worth. Set the $$ high and talk up the exquisiteness. Debeers has trailer truck loads of diamonds. Not rare at all, but they dole them out a few at a time and tell us all how much $$ they are worth, maybe it's our turn. Hey world, you want unique? I have an exquisite button shape qhahog pearl worth $22,000.
Tell us what yours is worth and it will be so.
let's start the club today.

Nov 16, 2007
How did you find it?
by: Kari

Thanks for sharing. How, when & where did you find your Quahog pearl? When you add a photo, please tell us all about the details, ok? Maybe we can get a nice little Quahog discussion going here. I'm going to add this and Corey's submission also to the Quahog section.

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