largest scallop pearl I have ever heard of.

by Trish
(Newcastle, Maine)

In 2003, my now ex-husband was scallop fishing off the coast of Portland,Maine when he discovered a scallop pearl of extraordinary size. When he brought it home, I immediately placed it in the care of the Jewelry designers at Day's Jewelers in Brunswick who fashioned a gold "basket" around the pearl so that I can wear it as a pendant without using screws, posts, or adhesive. The pearl is a perfect 10mm round and looks very much like the full moon. There appears to be a layer beneath the smooth surface that showcase the swirls and slight color variations that mimic the craters of the moon. It is an exceptional pearl and I will post a picture of it as soon as I can.

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Apr 02, 2018
That's big!
by: Kari

Hi Jamie,

That's a super big scallop pearl. Is it white? Colored? I'd love to see photos of it. Is it a hobby or your business? So many questions, I know, but I'm interested in these things. Also which coast are you at? Type of scallop?

Thanks for sharing your good fortune! So fun and amazing. Kari

Jan 10, 2018
by: Jamie

I found 11 gram scallop pearl

Apr 04, 2012
Please send photos
by: Kari

Hi Trish,

Yes, please do send photos. I'd love to see your large scallop pearl and add it to your page. I like the idea of putting it in a cage so you didn't have to harm it in anyway.

Thank you for sharing. I'm going to be adding a few scallop pearls for sale soon on my site. These shouldn't be overlooked as all natural pearls are special!

God bless

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