Scallop Pearl -- Ever Found One?

Yes, a scallop pearl can be found. I love hearing from folks who find these. These shell shapes are an often used symbol and are included on many coat-of-arms, including Winston Churchill's.

I've eaten this meat in Nova Scotia (from Bay of Fundy) and the Philippines, and saved a few shells...see photo. (Oh....the things I drag home from my travels!)

Scallop Shells
Scallop Shells

They live in all of the world's oceans and include more than 350 species. Unlike some other mollusks, these are excellent swimmers and are in fact the only migratory bivalve.

These pearls are often small, but can be plentiful.

Scallop Pearls
Pearls from Scallop

I invite you to share your story of finding these pearls. Be sure to include a photo or video.

Have You Found Natural Scallop Pearls?

Do you have a great story about finding natural scallop pearls? Share it!

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Scallop Pearl Found in NY 
I was eating a scallop and bit down on something and it was a pearl.

Scallop pearl from Costco 
Just found one in my scallops from Costco. I thought it was a small plastic bead because it is so perfectly round. I have never found one before!

Found a rock in my scallop while eating 
Was enjoying a seafood dinner with my family.. as I chewed a scallop I bit something hard n spit it out n it was a rock of 3 balls together.. I felt another …

Scallop pearl 
I was eating sea scallops Tonite and found a small round pearl.

Pearls in scallops from sea of Cortez , Mexico 
Hi, we went for small vacation in the fishing town in called Desemboque Sonora Mexico, one beautiful family we became friends the give to us 3 beautiful …

Hi Kari. I've visited your site in years past. I work on a boat dragging scallops in Atlantic Canada. I only fished one day this year as I was supposed …

Pearl earrings  
I was out scuba diving this past summer. We caught some scallops. As we started to schuck the scallops one of the other guys called dibs on any pearls …

Scallop pearl  
One of my family members made bacon wrapped scallops. I thought there was sand in mine until the pieces got bigger & it was like chewing glass. We think …

Mysterious Objects in Digestive tracts 
I'm a researcher working with scallops. I dissect and then chemically digest their muscles, gills and digestive tracts. I kept finding these relatively …

I spent years in the offshore Scallop fleet. Sea Scallops are loaded with Pearls. Round ones are very rare. I had about a cup of them years ago and …

Chesapeake Bay Scallop Pearl? 
My fiance and I were sifting for shark teeth near the Calvert Cliffs in Maryland a few days ago when we came across this very symmetrical little white …

Lubec Maine Comercial fishermen 
I have finally managed to upload some pictures of my pearls. All of these pearls were found inside of Cobscook bay scallops. As commercial fishermen the …

sea scallop pearl ring 
ring I had custom made for my wife from sea scallop pearls

My collection of scallop pearls 
Well to be honest there isn't much of a story. I'm just a lowly labourer who works as a fisherman on the island of grand Manan. I've read through these …

I think I just ate a shell...but it was a pearl 
We were eating at tourist trappy restaurant near a beach on Kauai and I had ordered the scallops. They were nice and plump, encrusted with coconut and …

largest scallop pearl I have ever heard of. 
In 2003, my now ex-husband was scallop fishing off the coast of Portland,Maine when he discovered a scallop pearl of extraordinary size. When he brought …

Pearls in the rough 
My boyfriend and I were having an oyster roast and he discovered approx. 13 various sizes of round hard white substances. We instantly thought PEARLS!!!! …

Scallop pearls gallore 
Winter 2012 working on scallop boat finding about 1,500 Maine scallop pearls a day.

Scallop Pearls 
Never even heard of a scallop pearl. However tonight was my 60th birthday and we went to my favorite Italian restaurant. I always order the seafood trio …

Scallop Pearl in the Poke Ordered from Fish Market 
Back in the 80's, I ordered a pound of scallop poke from the fish counter at our super market. I took a bite, and bit down on something hard. I spit …

Scallop Pearls 
I live on the coast of Maine and do a little scallop dragging in the winter. I can't count how many I've found over the years. But here are a few, sorry …

scallop pearls found in tas 
I am a single dad from tasmania australia and have found two scallop pearls while working at a local scallop factory. I would love to find out if any other …

The Kent Pearl 
See our web site dedicated to the Kent Pearl! (Sorry the link no longer works.)

Digby Fisherman- Scallop Pearls 
I was born and raise in Digby, Nova Scotia. My family has been Scallop Fishermen for generations. I started at the age of 13 and now I am 33 of age. I …

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Scallop Pearl at Fine Dining Restaurant in Washington D.C. 
I work in a fine dining restaurant in Washington, D.C. and found myself cleaning scallops, after my normal shift, and to my surprise I found a pearl. …

What's for dinner! 
Simple enough story! We ordered carry out Chinese food tonight for dinner. My husband ordered his favorite, Happy Family, which includes shrimp, crab …

Found what looks to be a Scallop Pearl in a Dungeness Crab Leg 
I was eating a Dungeness Crab tonite and in it I found a pearl after I bit into it. It looks to be a scalloped pearl. Does this happen often? I have …

Pearl or Not? (Found Inside a King Crab Leg) 
January 2008 -- I don't know if this is a pearl or not. We were eating King Crab legs at a restaurant in Naples, Florida and my mother bit into this little …

New Brunswick scallop pearls collection Not rated yet
New Brunswick scallop pearl collection. Scallop fisherman must follow strict rules and it’s lobelia when they can be rewarded with a bonus of finding natural …

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