My collection of scallop pearls

by David maxwell
(Grand Manan )

scallop pearl collection

scallop pearl collection

Well to be honest there isn't much of a story. I'm just a lowly labourer who works as a fisherman on the island of grand Manan. I've read through these stories about consumers biting down on a pearl and being thrilled about it, but I have to apologize about that. If you've found a scallop pearl it's because a shucker like me has missed it. The only value most fishermen find in pearls might be as a gift to his wife or girl friend. I however have been amazed and addicted to them since I found my first one. It's only recently that I decided to look a little further into them, and subsequently found this blog and other sites that explained they're rarity and value. Hi kari! I can't even guess at how many pearls I've seen cast overboard with the shells and mess that come with shucking. I usually only save the biggest ones but now I'll be saving them all. Anyway, most of the time the fisherman sees the pearl, he ignores it. If you've found a pearl in your food it was most likely attached to one side of the mollusks shell and was scraped off by the shuckers knife. As for being good luck I'm sure it is, but then again, around here they say it's good luck if Seagull craps on you.. So treasure what you find, they're rare and absolutely mesmerizing.

Can't wait to hear from anybody who care, hope you didn't break your tooth.


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Apr 02, 2018
Send photos here
by: Kari

Hi, I would be super to see your large 14mm scallop pearl from the Bay of Fundy! You can add photos here: or by sending to my email: karipearlsATgmailDOTcom.

Looking forward to hearing the story and seeing the pearl!

I enjoyed seeing the Bay of Fundy one winter some years ago. A very funny experience as a blizzard stopped all flights from Halifax and those of us at the airport were given blankets and pillows and spent the night in the chapel sleeping under or on pews!


Feb 02, 2018
Pearl Value
by: Anonymous

we have a large scallop pearls 14mm in width, we are interested in finding out more information. It’s from the Bay of Fundy. I can send picks just not sure where to send them.

May 18, 2017
Appraising pearls
by: Kari

Hello Chris and David,

All natural pearls have value, although sometimes that value is not monetary but sentimental.

Scallop pearls do have monetary value. I plan on starting a section on this website for scallop pearls. Of course, the colored ones of bright reds and pinks would have the highest value....folks love color, but the white ones also have value.

EGL lab in NYC not only certifies natural pearls but also give an appraisal value for your natural pearls. That is one place to get an appraisal.

If you want to list your scallop pearls for sale on my site, I invite you to fill out this form:

I will add a special section for scallop pearls and list your pearls on my site. There is no fee to list them. I collect a small commission once they sell.

Thanks for your interest in scallop pearls and I'm glad you found my site. Looking forward to hearing from you.

God bless,

Feb 09, 2017
Pearl value
by: David Farley

I have been scallop fisherman for around 35 years and over the years I have found lots of pearls but last week my sternman found an exceptional onep. It measures about 11mm~9mm. I have never seen one this size and was interested to know if it had any value. Where could I take it to have it appraised ??

Feb 04, 2017
Scallop pearls
by: Chris Spicer

I just found this page looking for info on scallop pearls. I am also from GM and have collected a few over the years.

Oct 01, 2014
neat story
by: Kari

Wow, David, that's a neat story. You have given us insight from a new perspective.

I am glad you value and collect the pearls you find.

Someone explained to me today that scallops in Baja, Mexico are dying off rapidly. Few scallop pearls found there anymore, so I am glad to hear you are still finding pearl treasures and actually treasure them.

Thanks so much for sharing and the photo. God bless! Kari

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