Pearls in the rough

by Tonya Smith
(Rose Hill NC USA)

My boyfriend and I were having an oyster roast and he discovered approx. 13 various sizes of round hard white substances. We instantly thought PEARLS!!!! I have never seen anything like this! After researching on the internet I believe we have in our possession scallop pearls.I would really love to know the value and some history on these. These were found in ONE oyster.It was amazing how many there were!!!Please reply if possible and give me some info on these little treasures. Thank you Tonya Smith

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Mar 19, 2012
Fun finding natural pearls
by: Kari

Hi Tonya,

Wow, 13 pearls in one oyster! That's pretty neat. I'd love to see some photos?

Were they in oysters? Or scallops?

The type of mollusc, naturally, determines the type of pearls they are.

If your pearls have high luster or shine, they may have some resale value. If they're pretty "chalky" and dull, then the value would be sentimental, rather than monetary....but still all natural pearls are pretty special and very rare!

Thanks for sharing your joyous find! It's always a thrill to hear about finding natural pearls!

God bless!

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