Pearl earrings

by Lodiver

I was out scuba diving this past summer. We caught some scallops. As we started to schuck the scallops one of the other guys called dibs on any pearls we find. The first pearl I found resembled a jelly bean same size and shape. Since I have a small bottle of pearls at home I gave it to him. The next sizable pearl was 7mm almost perfectly round. I kept this one. And found a mate to it back at home.

I took these and had earrings made out of it. I gave the earrings to My youngest daughter. I had another set made for my wife see picture

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Jan 27, 2020
by: Kari

Hello Lodiver, I love the pearl earrings. Great idea!! A true keepsake for your wife and daughter. I like the simple look too. Nothing else is really needed. Natural scallop pearls says it all!! Thanks for sharing. Kari

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