Lavender Keshi Meshi

Lavender Pearl Mix

This lavender Keshi set looks off-color because of my amature photography....the pearls really aren't different colors, which is how they look in these photos. Seeing them in person, they look distinctively a soft lavender color.

Lavender Pearl Mix

My friend, Connie, suggested I start selling some keshi pearls, so I've added these lavender keshi. Lavender pearls are my favorite. It's interesting, isn't folks who sell pearls end up making necklaces and buying pearls they like themselves.

So, just like I took Connie's advice, don't be shy about letting me know what you'd like to see on Who knows, maybe you'll get me started on a whole new direction.

Lavender Pearl Mix

After Marie, from the UK, asked for larger black pearls, I bought those you see, I really do listen to my customers. After all, that's why I'm here, to make you happy!

Lavender Pearl Mix

This "Keshi-Meshi" is light, quirky and easy to wear. My daughter, Sarah, just picked it up and said, "Oh, that's gorgeous! Beautiful!"

I think you'll love wearing this set. Keshi pearls happen accidentally during the culturing process.

Nitty Gritty Details:

Pearl Type: Cultured Freshwater Keshi
Color: Lavender (natural color)
Size: Seed:4mm Keshi:10mm Button:8mm
Luster: Good
Surface: Good
Various Shapes: Seed, Keshi, Button
Matching: Good
Length: 20.4"
Clasp: Sterling Silver "S" hook
Earring Metal: Sterling Silver

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

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