Freshwater Lavender Pearl Rope
Dress like a Queen!

Want a gorgeous lavender pearl rope necklace that does just about anything you ask it to?

Well...this is it.

These lavender freshwater pearls are a natural dyes. It is also available in other natural freshwater pearl colors like pink & white or dyed black.

I've seen freshwater mussels opened up before my own eyes, filled with lavender pearls, and pink and white...all in one mussel.

Lavender Pearl Rope
Lavender Pearl Rope

Pearls in this necklace are expertly matched for color, shape, size, luster and surface texture to make a simply divine necklace. Simple...yet elegant.

You'll find yourself wrapping it around your neck for many occasions. And don't worry, you don't need to wear lavender...these coordinate well with many colors.

I highly recommend all time favorites!

You just can't go wrong with these...a top choice!

52" Freshwater Lavender Necklace Pearl Details

Pearl Type: Freshwater
Length: 52"--Super length!
Color: Lavender--Natural color
Also available in Pink, White & Black
Size: 7-8mm pearls--Eye-catching size
Shape: Slightly Button Shape--A little flattened
Luster: Excellent--Lots of great shine
Surface: Excellent--Clear surface
Clasp: No clasp--No worries here
Earrings: Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings (different than shown)
Knotting: Knotted between each pearl

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

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