Leopard Seal Jewel by Lyn Punkari

Leopard Seal Pearl Jewel

Leopard Seal Pearl Jewel

The Leopard Seal pearl jewel is by goldsmith and lapidary artist Lyn Punkari. Lyn owns and operates the online custom and historic jewel business Darkridge Jewels. Her site is at http://www.darkridgejewels.com. Other baroque pearls she has made are displayed in her site in her baroque pearl jewel album. Lyn lives in Louisville Kentucky.

Next oldest is the Selkie (leopard seal) jewel. The selkie is a wild mismatch of pearls. The head is a Tahitian black baroque pearl, and the flippers are the lowest quality of dyed freshwater baroques. The body is of jewelers silver set with black diamonds for the spots. This little beauty is more of an inspired by period baroque pearl jewels than an attempt to create one. To sum up the glaring difference, the big baroque pearls are at the edges of the piece not embedded in the center.

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