Long Island Clam Bake

by Audra

I was out to a clam bake on Long Island and had a plate of steamed clams. I noticed in one of the clams a dark spot at first thinking it was a dark muscle in the clam and as I poked at it. It was hard so I worked it out of the clam.

I started to research what it could be and found similarities on line so I tried to take to a jeweler but they have never seen anything like it and possibly believe it to maybe be onyx but how do I find out?

Thank you.

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Aug 13, 2008
Most likely a pearl
by: Kari

Hello Audra,

If you found what looks like a pearl in a clam, it most likely is a pearl. Any mollusk can grow a pearl. The onyx idea doesn't fit at all, simply because of the location of your find.

I suggest trying more jewelers. You are bound to find one who understands such things....at least let's hope so. If you happened to save the shell, bring that along as well.

If you'd like to email me a photo, I can add it to your page.


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