Michele Hicklin's Quahog Pearl

by Michele Hicklin
(Painter, Virginia)

cherrystone clam black pearl

cherrystone clam black pearl

I am a native of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. One Saturday night about 35 years ago I was dining at a Restaurant known as "The Island House", located in Wachapreague, Virginia. This is a seafood restaurant located on the Seaside. I ordered cherrystone clams on the half shell as an appetizer and began to enjoy there salty taste when much to my surprise, I began to feel a large hard object in my mouth. I retrieved it and there was a beautiful large black pearl in my hand about the size of my little finger nail. I've had it mounted on a sterling silver shell and turned it into a lovely pendant. The pendant can be purchased at "The Barrier Island Center", Machapongo, VA...however, there will not be a pearl on it. I'm looking for another black pearl to mount on a ring to go with my pendant.

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Jun 18, 2010
Where to Buy Pendant
by: Michele Hicklin

Hi there,

Yes, you can buy the Sterling Silver pendant with snake chain at "The Barrier Island Center", Machapongo, VA. Just go to there website and call if you have to. There are very nice people that can help you...ask for Laura Vaughn. Thank you for your interest in my store.

Michele Hicklin
Virginia's Eastern Shore

Mar 19, 2010
Neat pendant
by: Kari

Hi Michele,

I love your pendant. Do I understand correctly that the pendant can be purchased and folks add their own pearl?

I wonder how many folks have found these and never report them. I need to start ordering these clams, although I don't eat out often. I suppose I could find some at a grocery store somewhere here in the Midwest, just haven't looked into that. But, it's inspiring to read about people finding this amazingly wonderful natural pearls. I enjoy natural pearls and naturally am particularly interested in those found in the USA.

Have fun wearing your pendant and I hope you find another for a ring soon.

God bless!

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