Mikimoto Pearl Necklace and Earrings

by Laura johnston

I was given a pearl necklace and earring set from my late grandmother in a Mikimoto box. I have read that there is a M stamped on the clasp but I cannot see one and was wondering are they real Mikimoto pearls and the clasp may have been replaced or are they fake? Is there anyway to find out. I have tried to find a jeweller to do an appraisal on them but have been unsuccessful. I'm from Australia and cannot find a Mikimoto retailer here. If you are able to give me some ideas on who to contact that would be appreciated. Thank you, Laura

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Sep 07, 2015
Ask some local jewelers
by: Kari

Hi Robyn, Nice of your uncle to gift you his wife's pearls....he must think very well of you! I suggest asking some local jewelers about value or where you can go to get an evaluation there is Australia. They would be more familiar with local services. In the meantime, I hope you get some chances to enjoy wearing the pearls. My uncles brought back my mother a bolt of silk from Japan after the war and she used much of it and I was given the remainder. Those wartime treasures are really special.

Sep 05, 2015
I have inherited 26 inch natural japanese pearls
by: Robyn Hamilton

Brought back from the second world war, my uncle has given me the two stands of natural japanese pearls that he bought for his late wife. The first is 26 inch long , all the same size, quite pink in colour. The second is only 16 inch and graded, the same colour. These pearls have been kept in cotton wool for most of that time and are as new What do I do to have a valuation. Please advise:


Jul 13, 2011
All sorts of pearly possibilities
by: Kari

Hi Laura,

Well, there are all sorts of pearly possibilities for your necklace. A Mikimoto box alone doesn't signify a Mikimoto necklace and unfortunately, even a Mikimoto clasp does not always assure that the necklace is the real item either.

Possibly several stores carry Mikimoto pearls even if there is not an official store. Not sure about Australia, but I know that's the case in other countries.

I suggest you call the main headquarters in Tokyo at Ginza and ask for help finding someone in Australia to assist you. They should be able to direct you to a store that carries their items.

Here is their phone #: (+81) 03-3535-4611

When I visited the main Mikimoto store in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan I found them excessively kind and helpful.

I hope you can solve your pearly mystery.

Thanks for your question & God bless!

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