Mikimoto Pearles (Pearls) are appropriate for which occasion?

At the Motomachi store for Mikimoto pearles (pearls) in Yokohama the manager instructed me on proper jewelry choices for funerals in Japan.

Yokohama Motomachi Store
3-120 Motomachi, Naka-ku
Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0861
Phone: (+81) 045-681-3801

On a busy Friday we squeezed through the crowds of Japanese shoppers (even a Japanese cowboy), in this cozy area with a USA mainstreet feel to it, past world famous brand-named stores such as Vinton and Laura Ashley, to reach the Motomachi Yokohama store for Mikimoto pearles.

The warmth and personality of the manager, Mr. Yusuki Ogasawara, and his informative insights, along with the cheery white and light wood decor made my visit a pleasant one.

I especially noticed a white gold sort of filigree or mesh ball pendant with a loose pearl inside.

Yusuki showed me 40cm single strands with the 9mm pearls being the most expensive. He said the most popular size is 7-7.5mm without knots.

Japanese people prefer their pearl necklaces without knots and for any necklace purchased at a Japanese Mikimoto store restringing is free for life, no matter how often someone needs it restrung. Silk thread is used. This service is in Japan, but he didn't think the Mikimoto stores in the United States offered this.

Customers can pick out their own clasps for standard pearl strands.

Yusuki demonstrated the versatile ball clasp (affectionately called "Pokeman clasp" by the Mikimoto staff) which can be clamped over a pearl by showing me 120cm long white strand of pearls and adjusting the clasp to make a variety of styles.

Baroque pearls are becoming more popular in Japan and a Tahitian black baroque necklace is also displayed.

I was pleased when Yusuki informed me about one aspect of pearl etiquette in Japan.

For funerals, black and white pearls are appropriate, but only a single strand. There's a superstition that if more than one strand is worn, more than one funeral will occur.

Pearls are considered proper "mourning jewelry" but diamonds should not be worn to funerals. Black pearls also match the black worn at funerals.

Japanese normally honor their dead by cremation.

Other popular items at the Mikimoto pearles Motomachi Yokohama store are Mikimoto International makeup tools, such as a nifty pen-like lipstick brushes in various pastel colors of cases.

Now, here I was tempted to buy. I really should have bought one of these, as I normally use a lipstick brush to squeeze every last speck out of the tube and this tool beats my brush in a tiny plastic bag. For $29, I think I missed a good deal.

Other cosmetic tools were refillable perfume atomizors and compact mirrors.

Several gift items from Mikimoto International were displayed at the Mikimoto Pearls Motomachi Yokohama store, such as fancy small clocks, thermometers and barometers, and Mikimoto ballpoint pen writing instruments.

The Mikimoto Pearles Motomachi Yokohama store has been on this street for about five years. Before that for seventeen years they had a very small store closer to the train station.

Yusuki was such a friendly fellow that I asked my sons, Sam and Matt, who were waiting outside, to come and meet him.

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