Learn about Mikimoto Pearls in Jamsil Seoul, South Korea

Mikimoto Pearls in Jamsil Seoul at the Lotte Department Store is an fine example itself of Mikimoto style.

MIKIMOTO Korea Co., Ltd.
1 Floor Lotte Department Store Jamsil, 40-1
Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu
Seoul 138-220
Republic of Korea

My time in Seoul was short, so with little time for browsing, after asking the uniformed (matching suit and hat) clerk at the information desk, I bee lined it to the Mikimoto store near the back, past cosmetic counters and exquisite jewelry displays in this very bright and lighted luxury department store.

The Jamsil Mikimoto Store is decorated in dramatic black and burgundy. The curved glass counters, a longer one for pearls and a shorter one for diamonds, lined in burgundy, provide a stunning backdrop for a $53,000 South Sea golden necklace, a $40,000 South Sea white necklace, the popular peacock green Tahitian jewelry and several Japanese Akoya designs.

Each Mikimoto store manager orders what he or she feels will sell well in that location and Mikimoto pearls in Jamsil Seoul specializes in Mikimoto pearl tiaras.

And yes, the tiaras attract ones attention here. Pearl tiaras for Mikimoto brides are growing in popularity.

YooJung Kim, the assistant store manager who speaks excellent English explained that if a couple purchases their wedding ring sets from their store, the bride may borrow the tiara for her wedding day. Of special interest is their diamond wedding rings made from platinum.

Pearl tiaras my also be rented without any purchase. She said rental for one day runs about $7,000. I was a bit overwhelmed with the price. (I wonder if she didn't mean $700, however, which is closer to Japanese prices.)

"Does that seem high," asked YooJung Kim?

"Well, it's a lot of money," I replied.

She went on to elaborate that it's not for everyone but that many celebrities are using them and then others also want to wear them.

A small table displayed a Korean magazine with a Mikimoto bride on the cover wearing a Mikimoto pearl tiara. Publicity like this helps make their tiaras popular.

There's also a small photo album on the table of customers on their wedding day wearing their tiaras which inspires newlyweds, along with brochures and a hard back book about Mikimoto.

YooJung Kim wears a Mikimoto International watch which contains a miniature box filled with small perfect pearls. Other Mikimoto International items fill a glass wall cabinet. She pointed out that many items contain a real pearl, like on the top of a spoon handle, for example.

The Mikimoto pearls in Jamsil Seoul store displayed no baroque pearl jewelry and YooJung Kim explained that Korean women are just getting interested in pearls and prefer perfect ones.

A Korean American, Kim, designed the popular Mikimoto Butterfly jewelry on display.

Also on display is the popular cross ring set and matching necklaces. These rings can be worn separately--black metal with black pearl, white gold with white pearl, gold with diamonds, or two can be joined together for different styles to coordinate with one's outfit.

Most people buy three rings for many combinations.

Men especially buy Mikimoto pearls in Jamsil Seoul store.

YooJung Kim imformed me that the longer someone works for Mikimoto the more value they add to the company because of their growth in skill and knowledge. She's a GIA graduate and says it's a great place to work.

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