Mikimoto pearls

Now here I was tempted to buy as the manager suggested I try on some Mikimoto pearls.

Osaka Umeda Store
Shin-Hankyu Bldg.1st
1-12-39,Umeda, Kita-ku
Osaka 530-001

This elite shopping center near Umeda Station in Osaka is divided into catagories by floors with jewelry on the 4th floor.

The most famous and expensive brand names in the world are sold here as Dior, Fende and, of course, Mikimoto.

It was fun just walking by all these great stores...too bad I didn't have more time to linger.

If ever I'd be persuaded to part with mega bucks in the range of thousands of dollars for a pearl necklace, it would have been at this small open store without walls in the midst of other top line jewelry displays.


What tempted me to buy? Here, at last, a Mikimoto manager, Tomoko Onogi, suggested I try on a Mikimoto pearl necklace!

Wow, finally after visiting a dozen Mikimoto stores...someone invited me to the ultimate "try it on test."

I'd asked about the "Pearls in Motion" beauty under the glass case and his reply was, "Here, try it on."

Thank you, Tomoko Onogi!

Mikimoto designers are innovative like their founder, Mikimoto himself.

This simple appearing necklace with a tiny ball and stick chain had two sliding pearls on it, one a large black Tahitian and the other a smaller white Akoya.

On display they look like two separate necklaces, but, no, they're both on one necklace.

The interesting thing is that they're on opposite sides of the chains, so one would be hidden in the back of your neck, while the other hung in front, or vise-versa. It's like getting two necklaces in one with a variety of lengths optained by sliding the pearls. A third option would be wearing them both in front, one on each side.

Another necklace that caught my eye was a...not gray, not blue, but somewhere in between those two colors a graduated baroque pearl necklace with great luster as all Mikimoto pearls.

The Mikimoto pearl necklace photos on this page are not from this store, but since no photos were allowed here, I've added these photos which were taken at another Mikimoto store window in Japan.

It was kindly explained to me also that a Mikimoto International store was located on the 9th floor and a map for the other two Mikimoto store in Osaka was drawn.

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