Mikmoto Necklace Store

Mikmoto Necklace caught my eye in a Glasgow jewelry store...but I only had time for a quick stop.

This was my shortest visit ever to a store selling Mikmoto pearls.

Once again, I happened upon this place by accident while roaming around Glasgow, Scotland.

I was mainly on the lookout for places selling antique natural pearl jewelry since Scotland has produced some amazing natural pearls. But it's pretty hard to miss a Mikmoto display even in a crowded jewelry window.

The saleslady happened to have lots of things to do also...we were both in a hurry, so my visit was short.

I did take a minute to tell the saleslady about my "all things pearl" website and pages about Mikmoto stores and places that sell Mikmoto jewelry.

I handed her my business card and had to be on my way...there were lots of things in Glasgow I still wanted to see and my time was very limited.

It's really fun to happen upon these lovely pearls. I'm sure I'll discover many more places around the world where they are sold.

Go to main Mikmoto Store listing page after Mikmoto Necklace in Glasgow.

Looking for Mikmoto pearls in Glasgow, Scotland? Find them at:

Laing Jewelry
46-48 Argyll Arcade
Glasgow G2 BBG
Phone: 0141-221-7199

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