My 4th of July Quahog had a present for me.....

by Pam V
(Fall River,MA)

I dont have so much of a story as I do a question... can't seem where to find info on where I can get my new found pearls valued.

Biting in a cooked quahog on July 4th and I felt something hard. Wasn't sure what it was so I stuck it in my pocket and came home to do some research. I never knew (like most people probably) that quahogs produced pearls.

I'd like to find out where to get it appraised so I can decide if I want to keep it or sell it.

Any info is appreciated.

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Jul 17, 2008
GIA not always needed
by: Kari

Mr. Stewart,

Thanks for the excellent question.

A GIA report is not always needed for natural pearl appraisals. For one thing, if someone finds a pearl in their dinner, then they know for sure it is natural and hasn't been cultured anywhere.

If the source of a pearl is not known or is in question, then some sort of proof of naturalness may be needed.

Jul 14, 2008

I was woundering if a GIA REPORT was needed to prove the pearls were natural and certified with a certificate before an appraisal can be fairly made?

Jul 09, 2008
What a present!
by: Mandy

Or you could skip *spending* $200 on an appraisal and *make* $200, since it seems you're looking to sell. :) I'm actively seeking a nice little quahog pearl, and looking to spend up to $200 on the right one. Naturally, yours could be worth more than that. Do you have pictures you could share?

Jul 08, 2008
A Natural Pearl Appraiser
by: Kari

Hi Pam,

It was a good 4th of July for you! After all, not everyone finds a pearl.

To answer your question. There are few people qualified to appraise natural pearls.

I suggest Gina Latendresse, who is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gina says this:

I only give appraisals
once I have physically seen the pearl or pearls. I offer a verbal for $50
or written for $200. Shipping and insurance are added after the appraisal
amount is discussed and the client wants it insured or shipped a certain
way. Also, if the pearl is not worth the $50 appraisal. I simply call the client
and let them know we are shipping their pearl back with no charge, but they
are responsible for the shipping and if they request insurance they will be
responsible for those charges as well.

Gina's Phone 615-298-4111

Gina is a busy lady who travels quite often, so please be patient with any requests.

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