My Son's Favorite Pearl Necklace

by anonymous

Multi-colored pearl necklace

Multi-colored pearl necklace

Whenever I wear this necklace my son comments on it. Something like, "Mom....I love that necklace. The multi-colors are so neat. It's really pretty. That's my favorite necklace that you wear."

The necklace is of freshwater pearls that are not expensive and have rings on them. It is pink, golden and white. Sorry, the colors don't show too well in the photo.

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Nov 08, 2014
Pearls are a Miracle
by: Anonymous

When wearing Pearls its like wearing a halo that brings out the best in you ... There are Pearls that just look very beautiful ... and ther are Pearls that Grabs your attention and talk to you ... its almost like an ESP experience ... Regardless of its nature and quality of the Pearls ... these are the Pearls that are worth a million ... Whats more beautiful than having a strand of Pearls that brings out the best in you in a way that your Son could see the beautiful and wonderful you in a respectful and humble manner ... Its totally True that there are Pearls that are a Miracalous in some unexpicable way ... And if you ever come across one ... get it ... do not let the miracalous opprtunity go ... Good Luck ... and God Bless ... The Pearls that saved my life ... Paulino

Apr 15, 2008
You never know...
by: Kari

You never know what a guy will like. All five of my sons think these ribbon and pearl necklaces are really neat. They can't explain to me why....they just like them. Interesting.

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