Natural Canadian Pearl Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring with Natural Canadian Pearl

Engagement Ring with Natural Canadian Pearl

Hello Kari,

I am currently on vacation on Vancouver Island, not far from Tofino. I am on a 4 week trip to Canada with my partner Symon to celebrate our 30th birthdays.

During our trip Symon has proposed - to which I have excitedly accepted! We were wanting to design an engagement ring together, one of the ideas is to incorporate a pearl.

I would love a naturally occurring saltwater pearl, slightly misshappen (Baroque?)small enough to be appropriate for everyday wear. I noticed from your website that you have a base in Tofino - do you have a store or outlet at all where I could get some more advice? Does what I am looking for even exist?

It would truly add an enormous amount of sentimental value if we could source a pearl from here!

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Many Thanks

Katie Smith...soon to be Garner.

Hello Kari,

I just wanted to say thank you again for putting me in touch with Dave whilst were in Tofino. We came away with some beautiful pearls that have such sentimental value to us. Dave was so interesting and gracious with his 30 years worth of work too!

I will make sure I send you a picture of the engagement ring once it is all made up.

Thanks again for helping to make our story one we will remember for a lifetime.

Kindest regards

Katie and Symon

Hello Kari,

Here is my ring, the flower is a hydrangea, my favourite. I love that we went to the Clayquot sound and that my ring is a special moment from Tofino.

We will always hold the island very dear to our hearts.

The pearls on your site are amazing.

Katie.... Now Garner!! We got married 3 weeks ago!

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