This Peach Pearl Necklace Rope will be a Favorite

Pearl Ropes are back!

Dazzle your friends with a peach pearl necklace.

The idea for this alternating size pearl rope came from a white pearl necklace I saw in a Mikimoto Store in Nagoya, Japan.

Mikimoto's wasn't as long as this, maybe about 30", but once I started making this peach pearl necklace...I kept going to 50.5"

Peach is a natural color for these cultured pearls...there are no dyes here.

As you can see by the photo, the pearl surfaces are clear and with a nice luster.

For an interesting twist wear it as shown at the right, with the loop being in front--a dramatic effect.

What makes this necklace affordable is the shape of pearls. They are slightly button shape or flattened. Perfectly round pearls are more expensive.

The matching peach pearl dangly earrings compliment this necklace perfectly.

Wear this necklace in a vast variety of ways. It's length allows for this.

You'll be seeing more and more pearl rope necklaces...they're fantastic!

Peach Pearl Necklace Named for my sister, Diane

I have one sister, Diane, and she's super special. Everyone should have a sister like her!

Growing up, I had such admiration for my sister, I wanted to be just like her...

She'd help me with all sorts of things. I remember one day, after school, Diane helped me cut out and sew a pair of orange corduroy pants for a 4-H meeting later that evening...we were pretty fast sewers. She also makes these nifty baby bibs for

She and my older brother, Duane, would let Mike, my younger brother, and I trudge after them on their adventures around our farm, like sledding in the pasture and building dams in the creek.

As youngsters, Diane and I had a grand time too, mixing up concoctions in our two room playhouse (the envy of the neighborhood) in the back of our home. Mom would save bits of ingredients in bottles and give them to us. We were probably the only children who had Worcestershire sauce spicing up their mud pies! Ummmmm....I can smell them now.

Now, Diane is "Super Grandma," with happy grandchildren often filling her gorgeous home and swimming in her in-ground pool.

Her place is the gathering point for all of us and Diane is the "hostess with the mostess" with her fabulous cooking.

Here's a photo of Diane and her husband, Gordy, in Hawaii. See more of their photos of Hawaii here.

7.5-8mm pink pearls alternating with 5.5mm pink pearls
Matching dangle pierced earrings
Length: 50.5 inches
No clasp

Sorry, this necklace set is no longer available.

This peach pearl necklace rope can be worn several ways, have fun experimenting with it.

Natural peach/pink freshwater pearls are beautiful (see the beauty in the close up photo). The contrasting sizes in these affordable pearl necklaces adds lots of pizazz.

A "KariPearls Original" designed by Kari

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