Pearl Art and Craft....Pearls Enhancing our Lives.

Our lives will be so much richer when we incorporate pearl art and craft into are many ideas for you to think about and photos to enjoy.

Several pearl arts and crafts can be created from these gems of nature. They're just too lovely to use just for jewelry. They can enhance other parts of our homes and fashions as well.

These photos are a sample of what pearls can be used for. Why use artificial pearls when real pearl arts and crafts are available.

Sew them in scrolly patterns on wedding shoes for dramatic one-of-a-kind effects.

Weave a web of pearls onto your handcrafted wedding dress.

Stitch them on your wedding gloves which can make generic ones look smashing!

Sew them on the wedding veil.

Add a single pearl to each wedding invitation with suggestions how to use it later, by putting it on a chain for example, and using it as a reminder to pray for you as a new couple.

Make champagne glass identification tags with pearls...guests can later use them as key chains.

Form key chain gifts for wedding favors.

Sew them on a plain jacket for added pizzazz.

Stitch them on a fabric collage to add spice to your home decorating.

Rejuvenate a loved hat by adding a pearl band.

Renew an ordinary cloth handbag into a fancy evening pearl art and craft satchel.

Enhance a winter set into a smashing statement by sewing them on the gloves, scarf and hat.

Spice up a basic dress by strewing them with pearls sewed on randomly.

Cover a collar and cuffs of a favorite suit with solid pearls.

Stitch them on handmade paper for dramatic stationary.

Create a memorable pearl art and craft document by adding pearl embellishments.

Dangle pearl fringe from a hand-knitted scarf.

Create a stunning pearl art and craft mosaic using a variety of colored pearls of various shapes.

Weave a pearl vest or tie.

Drape them on a costume.

Cover a shape, such as a model boat with pearls.

As freshwater pearls become more available with reasonable prices pearling crafts will increase....get on the band wagon now and begin to let your creativity flow. Enjoy these amazing works of nature that man has not yet been able to duplicate in a lab....only mollusks can made a least so far.

Go to A Girl with a Pearl...classic art by Vermeer after reaping ideas for pearl art and craft.
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