Pearl Art Ideas

Get some great pearl art ideas here...just look at these adorable animals which are forms covered over solidly with pearls.

In addition to this inspiring pearl art menagerie I've added many other tips for using pearls.

Add a single pearl to each wedding invitation with suggestions how to use it later, by putting it on a chain for example, and using it as a reminder to pray for you as a new couple.

Make champagne glass identification tags with pearls...guests can later use them as key chains.

Cover a favorite book with pearls and give it to a dear friend as a memory keepsake of your mutual friendship.

Sew pearls on a cloth purse or simple cloth bag that you construct out of heavy fabric.

Make key chain gifts for party favors or stocking stuffers.

Stitch them on a fabric collage to add spice to your home decorating.

Dangle them from lampshades.

Glue them onto an interesting shaped vase.

Sew pearls into large tapestries and hang on walls.

Attach pearls onto pillars in big rooms.

Encrust large picture frames in pearls.

Cover a wall with pearls and have water flow down it into a narrow pool below.

Glue pearls to cover entire chairs.

Make drapery ties that will be the envy of all your friends.

Decorate a handmade bookcover with pearls.

Cover entire walls with pearl mosaics.

Stitch them on handmade paper for dramatic stationary.

Create a memorable document by adding pearl embellishments.

Buy metal bookmarkers and decorate with dangly pearls.

Using a variety of colored pearls of various shapes create a stunning mosaic.

Sew pearls onto a Persian Carpet.

Fill doorways with several strands of hanging pearls.

Find an interesting shaped wooden box and cover entirely with pearls.

Glue pearls around a mirror that has a drab frame.

Dangle them in bulk from chandeliers.

Create a pearl menagerie by covering animal forms with pearls.

Cover an interesting shape, such as a model boat with pearls.

Pave the floor with pearls.

Add pearls to a drapery swag.

Put a real pearl on dinner placecards with suggestions for future use.

Cover a table top with pearls and place a sheet of glass sheet on top.

Cover an interesting shape, such as a model boat with pearls.

Thread pearls on a thread for a glasses holder.

Create room dividers with strands of hanging pearls.

And so our little bear is saying "Good Bye....Thanks for stopping to by to visit our pearl art idea page!."

Go here to see Vermeer's painting containing pearls after getting ideas from this pearl art page.
Pearl Flower
Pearl Art Ideas

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