Pearl in a Clam

Today is a very special day for my family. 9 years ago my handsome son came into this world. Today he asked me to cook him a special Birthday dinner "Penne noodles with red pasta sauce and clams" we went shopping for some clams at our local fish market, however the birthday boy couldn't believe that I had put all the clams I had bought into the pasta. So seeing the look on his face I immediately called my hubby and I asked him to please go to Publix and pick up some clams, not knowing whether we could find them there. . so being the great mom that I am I steamed 3 dozen of clams and while he and my daughter ate them my 15 year old bit into a beautiful pearl. Shortly after while eating the pasta I also bit into a pearl.

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Apr 20, 2011
Clam pearl in my blender
by: Anonymous

I was chopping clams in my blender when my blender started making this horrific grinding sound. I thought a piece of clam shell or rock got into the blender. When I looked closely I noticed a round shaped object pressed up against my blender and it turned out to be a pearl. To my dismay, the sharp blades took off the beautiful luster on the outside of the pearl. I have had it for about 20 years. Needless to say I don't put clams in the blender anymore!

Mar 22, 2010
2 Pearls in One Night?
by: Kari


If I understand your post, you found 2 pearls in one night? If so, I would say that's very amazing and it makes me want to start buying clams. I need to check them out in my area as to where they sell them because your post was inspiring for sure!

Great things can happen at birthday parties, right? Especially when you are a wonderful mom who likes to bless her children so much.

We'd love to see some photos. You can email them to me at karipearls(AT)gmail(DOT)com and I will add them to your page.

What have you decided to do with the pearls?

Thanks so much for sharing!

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