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I'm impressed with the quality of pearl jewelry antique jewelry offered by this seller on Ebay so wanted you to have the opportunity to see their lovely vintage and antique natural pearl jewelry and shell cameos.

Wouldn't this be a fun job? Traveling around the UK buying up vintage pearls and antique jewelry?

Because they offer such nice pieces I've not filtered out just the pearls. You'll also enjoy seeing the many shell cameos and other antique and vintage jewelry pieces offered.

Here is what Pauline says about this unique antique & vintage jewelry business.

As well as finding our pieces at fairs and sales we do occasionally buy privately mainly from collectors or from relatives disposing of decease’s effects, which often turns up some wonderful pieces.

Some of our best selling items are the vintage saltwater pearl necklaces, of which we sell a great many. These generally come with fabulous clasps of exceptional workmanship and in some instances have a higher value than the pearls themselves.

We regularly travel around the country visiting the fairs and sales hoping to find good quality pieces to include on our listings, pearls being high on our shopping list.

Cameos have been perhaps the most important part of our collecting over the last 30 years. Although many antique pieces fail the perfect condition test, for us works of art are too precious to discard because time has reduced their perfection.

Depending upon what's for sale at the moment, you might find a vintage or antique necklace of pearl, an antique natural pearl necklace, antique jewelry of pearl seeds, vintage or antique pearl earring, vintage or antique pearl brooch or any type of pearl antique jewelry. Prices are in British pounds sterling.

View an antique natural pearl necklace after pearl jewelry antique jewelry.

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