Pearl Story of a Life Time

by Rose Dotts
(north port ,rhode island U.S.)

Well as I walked on the beach at Rhode Island my boyfriend and I where walking and I stepped on the quahog and it had a small crack so my boyfriend and I had opened it and we saw one of the most gorgeous quahog pearl ever. Then we went to the computer and saw this website and here we are typing this story.

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Apr 06, 2009
I'm amazed.
by: Kari


I am amazed, but please send me a photo so we can all see this have my curiosity up now. You can email me a photo here and I will add it for you: karipearls(AT)gmail(DOT)com

Yes, I would say that is the chance of a lifetime. You will have to give your pearl a very special name and put it on a pendant or some keepsake so you can enjoy it and remember God's goodness to you and your boyfriend.

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