Pearly Passion

by Karen S Augustsson
(Frederick, MD)

How can you have pearl jewelry and have just one favorite? I have the set of woven pearls that I won on Kari's Pearls, when I sat in front of the computer for 3 1/2 hours and my husband said "I'm going to bed, you'll never find the dragonflies n pearls". I get a little excited when I prove him wrong...hehehe. I was born in the month of June and the Pearl is the birthstone of that month along with roses. What a beautiful combination.

The perfect wedding cake for a June baby would be one with steps of pearls winding it's way to the top with the most delicate arrangement of baby roses at the top. How could you possibly cut it???

My wish is to someday find my very own pearl in a mollusk I'm eating. Then I would know that, that pearl was truly meant for me. I wouldn't care about the shape color or size, it would be special to me.


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Jul 22, 2009
Give it a try!
by: Kari

Want a free set of pearls? is possible! I've sent out dozens of free sets of pearls.

Just find my dragonfly & pearls photo like the one on this page:

Happy Hunting!

Jan 27, 2009
Thanks for getting the treasure hunt ball rolling
by: Kari


Thank you for being so diligent in searching for my dragonfly & pearls photo. You are the first of many who have enjoyed looking for it and found it.

Your love of pearls is an inspiration to me!

God bless,

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