Pearl Treasure Hunt

This pearl treasure hunt has been loads of fun, but now I am closing it.

I had this contest running for several years and really enjoyed sending out a free cultured pearl jewelry set to so many lovely people, but now have decided to move on to some other form of internet adventure.

I encourage you to have lots of treasure hunts with your family. They are so easy to do and fun to put together. Sometimes I make up treasure hunts that take us all over the community or our farm. Kids love adventure and treasure hunts are a great way to live the dream of exploration.

Free Pink Pearls
Win this Pearl Set in White, Lavender, Black or Pink Pearls
(Color is my choice.)

This "Dragonflies & Pearls" photo was on this page and 3 other places on my site. For this pearl treasure hunt you didn't have to brave the cold or busy highways....just search my site in the warmth and comfort of your own place.

These are the winners who had fun playing and winning! A big thank you to you all!

Like games, huh? Play the Pearls Before Swine Game after Pearl Treasure Hunt.

Pearl Treasure Hunt Winner's Circle

Thank you for playing my pearl treasure hunt!

Pearl treasure hunt winners:


I am writing about your contest. There is a dragonfly picture on the page for a pendant with a pearl from the Persian Gulf,


Hello Kari,

I've been enjoying your site all day long, reading about all the wonderful treasures people have found and the great stories behind them. I didn't know there was a contest, so when I ran across the details, I had to go back to where I found one of your dragonflies: I've seen two of them today and was wondering why the photo was there in an odd place, irrelevant to the stories. haha.. When I ran across the contest details, I felt as though I found a pearl myself. What a wonderful day it would be to find a treasure. I guess I found one in a different way. Nevertheless, I am happy about it and will anxiously await your response! You're such a wonderful person for sharing your knowledge and being so giving.


Leonie De Jager

Hello Kari,

I found the second photograph of the Dragonflies and Pearls in the Persian Gulf Pearls section under "Natural Pearl Pendant - Wild Pearl Pendant".

Am I the first to spot it? Please say "YES"

Kind regards

Leonie (South Africa)

Hello Kari,

How blessed I am !!! And especially on Valentine’s day !!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Rachel Ost
Rachel Ost

Hi Kari!

I found the second Dragonflies and Pearls photo on

I was excited to read the article, but even more so to see the photo at the bottom of the page!

I'm hoping this is right!



I received my pearls today, and I am in love with them! They're absolutely beautiful, and I have the perfect place to wear them this weekend! (I do middle ages reenactment/recreation, and I have an event this weekend and I plan on wearing them at the event this weekend.)

Absolutely stunning! Thank you so very very very much again.

God's blessings upon you!

Rachel Ost

Oh my gosh! I was exploring your website after I sent the message about reading your ebook and then I found the dragonfly photo! I found it on the baby page here oh my I can't believe it! Did I win? Oh my please let me know. The pink pearls are so very beautiful!


Kari, the drop pearl set is so beautiful. I am so thankful to have won. Thank you for the silky pouch, too. Terri

Hi, I found the dragon flies and pearls on I have been enjoying your site all day.I saw the dragon flies and pearls on the page with info about faux pearls. I was laughing so about the sheep in pearls I almost missed the treasure and photo. Hope I got it right.

Laeaurra Flamehawk-Mitchell

Yes!!!, I found the picture on the page:

That was my second try, and just in one and half hour. It is that luck or what?! Thank you!


Hello Kari,

I just received the gift, after playing Treasure Hunt. The set of pearls is gorgeous. Thank You, very much. Very impressed how fast was the delivery.

Have a great week. Angi

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Hi Kari I was browsing through your website and I saw the treasure hunt ! I found the dragonflies in


Hi Kari,

I had found the second photo of 3 dragon flies and pearls its on this page for the treasure hunt The Southern Cross Pearl is an Unusual Cluster of Pearls


Yay! I found the hidden dragonfly picture.


Hi Kari, I received your pearls a few weeks ago and must say ..... they are truly lovely! Thank you kindly, for the beautiful pearl set. Regards, Dave

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

I found a dragonfly picture!!

Woo, I hope I won =)

Moroni Bronson

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Kari, I found the hidden peals and dragonfly picture :)

It is on this Page:

Which is the personal gifts from Mikimoto Page.



Pearl treasure hunt winners:

I think I found the dragonflies & pearls AGAIN!! I found them at the bottom of the Quotes About Pearls page. Is this where they were actually hidden this time, Kari?

Karen Augustsson

Hello Kari,

Thank you so much for the beautiful peach pearl set. I love them! I will wear these a lot.

There are benefits for having a favorite website :)

God Bless and have a spendiferous weekend.

Karen Augustsson

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Hi, I came to your site to find out how to make a pearl necklace for my young daughter. I found your site to be so much more than a how-to. What a blessing to read all of the inspiring stories and be reminded about giving. I even found that pearls are very interesting. I had no idea they have such a history and I really enjoyed learning how they are harvested. I found the dragonfly picture at Even if I'm not the first, it has been worth the search to learn so many new things. Thanks for such an informative site on a subject I didn't even realize was so interesting. My husband is wondering why I'm staying up so late and why I'm tearing up at the computer (Jenny's story). By the way, I love your lamb in pearls... too cute! Well, I'm off to finish the rest of your site and consider pearls for myself as well. Thanks so much, Susan

Susan Crowder

Dear Kari I am soooo excited because I was searching for pearls pictures in google and then your Website came in and then i cheked it out and I saw the treasure hunt idea at first I didn't care much because I thought of theres so many people in the world and I am probably not the first , OK i found it its on this link On the man made pearl page, On the title steps in making mad made faux shell pearl at the end of the article , right above search here google websearcher, I wish i am the first !!!!!!!

Pantiwa Naksomboon

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

I found the Dragonflies & pearls photo the page count Batthyani Pearl under Famous Pearls and collections. Hope I was first to find it. Thank you


I wanted to write you back and let you know that I got the pearls that you sent me. They were just as pretty in person as on your web page. It was a very nice surprise it couldn't have came at a better time I hadn't been feeling well for I have MS and everything had been getting to me and that was one thing that picked me up and let me know that everything not always out to get us. Thank you for all the smiles that you gave me and God bless you. Your friend, Donna Sawyer

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Wow - what a site! I have bookmarked, made shortcuts to my desktop and emailed myself with links to your wonderful site. I found interesting information that the kids can use for school, for some family projects, and research for some friends. I got so pearled up with your site I almost forgot my "MUST DO TODAY" list. .... Found the 2nd "Dragonflies & Pearls" photo towards end of page, underneath Mikimoto Pearls Available on eBay listings: from Pearls For Men page.

Ann Zukowski

Ann Zukowski free pearls
Free Pearls for Ann Zukowski

Hi Kari, I rec'd my package really quick. I am sorry it took me few days to get back to you. I have been sick. I was able to have someone take few pictures for me but not while wearing since I am sick. I am sending those. The pearl set is fabulous as is your handcraft/workmanship and all the love that you put into it. I still cannot believe I won! I will cherish this gift from you. May you reap with all your blessings. You have such a wonderful site -- a delighful place to escape while learning & having fun. I have shared your site with so many folks and will continue to do so.

Thank you again Kari. Ann Zukowski

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Hi! The picture's on, under the title "How Vast was Queen Elizabeth I Pearls Collection?" Except for treasure hunt (which is a great idea :)) I'm really enjoying searching through your site! Regards,

Tomislav Vladusic (Croatia)

We've just got the pearls set, and it's absolutely amazing! Thank you so much, not the least for the fun of searching for it! Your site's great, loaded with information. I especially loved the videos! Hope your mum is much better now. Best of luck to you all.

With kind regards, Tomislav Vladusic, Croatia

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Dear Kari, I found the photo on that URL: I love to visit your website, it makes me dream!!! Everything is awesome. I hope I'm the first to find the photo.

Jacqueline Boisdenghien (France)

Dear Kari, I'm so sorry I didn't take the time to write before. I just wanted to tell you that I received the necklaces about two weeks ago. I hope your mom feels better.

Best regards, Jacqueline

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

After spending hours going through every page and beginning to think I was doing something wrong "I HAVE FOUND THE PICTURE".
This wonderful site has restored my faith in wearing pearls and when I saw the prize for this competition I knew I had to enter and try and win my first pearl set of necklace and earrings. The colour is gorgeous as well.

Frances O'Dwyer (United Kingdom)

I am so very sorry but have just realised that I didn't write and thank you for the lovely pink pearl set that I won after finding the picture on you website. They are lovely but I have yet to wear them. I think now I am going to wait until christmas as I want to wear them as a whole set the first time. After that I don't mind wearing them seperately. I do hope your mum has recovered from her hip operation and you are keeping well too.

Take care and God Bless, Frances

Hey Kari! This time I think I did find it! I expected it to be a lot smaller so it would be harder to find, so that kinda threw me off :) I LOVE pearls! Thanks!

Johanna Draper

Johanna Draper

Hello Kari, I received the pearls yesterday...I was so excited! They are absolutely beautiful. I haven't stopped wearing them since I got them. I love the clasps. They really add a nice touch. You did a wonderful job on them. Thanks again! Johanna Draper

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Kari, I just found the second photo in your pearl treasure hunt contest. It's at this URL: The title of the page is "Creating Art from Shells." I've been working hard on this contest, and at times despaired of ever finding the second photo. I hope I'm the first to find the photo on this page as I would not want to have to start over! I've enjoyed looking at your pages and have learned a lot. I've kept a list of the pages I've looked at, and I am amazed at the work you've done. I'll be looking at more of it even though I've found the photo!

Nancy Hoyt

Oh my, what a lovely set! Thank you so much. I know I will enjoy wearing them. Very dainty, with beautiful findings, too. Nancy Hoyt

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Hi! I just found the other picture! I found it on the "Punk Pearls" page!!! Hope I'm the first! If I'm not, I'm just glad that i got to have so much fun looking for it! Thank you Mrs. Kari!!!!!!

Ashley Spicer

AshleyAshley Earrings
Ashley Spicer--19th Winner!
They came today!!! I am sooooo happy!!!! I absolutely love the pearls! You are a wonderful person and I hope God continues to bless!

I don't have pierced ears so I went ahead and bought some blank clip on earrings and some jump rings so I could convert them to clips (which look just like pierced, so unless you are looking reallllly realllly closely at them you wont be able to tell the difference!). It took less than 2 minutes to turn two pairs of pierced earrings into clip ons!!

Thank you so much for making such beautiful jewelry and for having that wonderful dragonfly treasure hunt!

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Oh my, I thought it was my imagination for a second. I found the other picture :) It's in the Elephant Tusk Pearls page.

Katie Bon

Katie Bon
Katie Bon--17th Winner!
They are so pretty. Thanks so much.

I found the photo! It's at the bottom of the Princess Diana Doll page. I hope I'm the first.

Lucia Cucux

Hi Kari,

I wanted to thank you for the pearls. They are absolutely beautiful! I think I even saw in some of them the rainbow-like quality that is called "orient." I had read about orient but I've never seen it before and I could not picture what it looked like--until I got the pearls from you! I decided to give them to my mom for Mother's day, because she loves pearls and she has never owned real pearls before. She too thought they were beautiful and was very happy to have them.

Thank you again,


Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Hi Kari, As I was looking through your website, I found the picture of the dragonflies. It is on the "Speech Before The Execution of Charles I Of England". Hopefully, I was the first to find it so I could show off the beautiful pearls to a couple of my neighbors who already won. I love your website!!! Thank you,

Karen Williams

I found the firefly and pearls photograph on The Pearl A Modern Version page above verse XX. I hope I have won!

I just want to tell you how much pleasure your web site has given me. I have been housebound by illness since I was 30 (now 49) and your site has been a magical journey. Thank you so much.

You might like to know that I live in Perthshire in a little village close to Perth and that I was born in the Kingdom of Fife. To have you mention both is wonderful. I will be back!


My neighbor was telling me what a great website you have so I decided to take a look. It's very interesting and I am looking at some potential Christmas gifts.

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

I found the dragonfly pic. It's on the page entitled "A gorgeous Mikimoto Necklace Pearl Beckoned Us TO Enter The Nagoya Mikimoto Jewelry Store." Please let me know if I was the first one to find it. Thank you.

Emily Fraser

Hi Kari, I found the dragonflies. They're on "AbernathyPearl... Found in 1967 in River Tay, Scotland" page. Was I the first to find them? Thank you,

Florence Sesto

As I was looking through your great website, I came across the dragonfly pic. It is on the String of Pearls Play site. Please let me know if I am the first to find it. Thank you,

Patty DeSorbo

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

I found the dragon-fly picture. It is on the Tasty Oyster Recipes page. Please let me know if I'm the first one to find them. Thank you,


I found the picture!!! Hopefully, I'm the first one this time. The picture is in Pearl White "The Perils of Pauline". I'm so excited!

Melissa Boucher

It is on the page labeled "Cost of Mikimoto Pearls at the Galleria Department Store in Seoul, Korea".

Jonathan DeCortin

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

If I am in time (no date mentioned in this contest) the page that the 2nd dragonfly & pearl picture is on the page for yellow mother of pearl earrings. This is the page where you click on the link for the yellow mop set. I hope I won - I don't have any pink pearls...YET!!

Kathy White

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

A very excited Stacy phoned me yesterday and said she stayed up until 3AM looking for the hidden photo. She didn't find it then, but was rewarded the next day when she found it on the Sulu Pearl page.

Stacy Lin

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Stacy Lin--6th Winner
Hey Kari!!... thanks for the pearls!! they were knotted really good and i LOVE THE CLASPS!!! they look so elegant and super expensive from the clasp!!..i wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY and i even got a commpliment TODAY on them!!! haha and i told him about your website!! and the earrings... they had sterling silver hooks!!.. thats so great that you use good material even on the pearls that you give away for free!!!.. thats really classy!! and the bracelet is very very pretty too!!.. and im going to give that to my cousin for her birthday because her wrist is bigger than mine but i bet shes ganna LOVE THEM!!!.. thank you thank you thank you!!!

Hi Kari,

I signed up for your website e-zine this morning and I found the hidden picture. It is on Queen Elizabeth I Good Queen Bess her relationship with Ireland.

Thank you,

Angela Flores

Angela Flores--Fifth Winner
Thank you very much. I love them!

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

I found it!!!

About 7 hours ago my mom asked me something about pearls and I typed pearls on my search engine and I saw your site and got hooked. It's now 3am and I was about to shut my pc down. I saw your fun contest about 4 hours back and I must have read most of your entries, explored the videos and stories, basically looking for the other pearls and dragonflies in the process. I was just browsing your e-cards then shut down my pc (for my eyelids are drooping) but lo and behold something familiar on the RADIANT PEARLS FREE E-CARDS PAGE!!! It woke my senses, though I'm not sure if I'm the first to see the winning photo. I hope I am for I love country being "the Pearl of the Orient"-the Philippines. I might as well end my novel before somebody beats me to sending. (If I'm the first) haha! I have 5 baby nieces and I called my sis to show the cute baby bracelets. Your story is amazing! More power to you! GOD bless you more!

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Cherubim T. Bautista

Cherubim Free Pearls
Cherubim Bautista--Fourth Winner!
"I got the pretty pearls today. That was fast. Thank you!"

I found the picture!!!!!
It's in The View Stunning Photographs of Pearls Section of your website.
Am I the first to find it!!!

Pat Carlucci

Pat Carlucci
Pat Carlucci--Third Winner
"Again, thank you so much!"

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

AM I FIRST?????????????????????????

Evelyn Dolan

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

Evelyn Dolan
Eveyln Dolan--2nd Winner
I'll try not to GUSH, but these pearls are SO STUNNING !!!!!....they shine like a soft GALAXY, with silky iridescence!!!! .... I feel SO PRETTY and put together with these pearls,....funny, I'd have never imagined the extra OOMPH that a quality set of pink pearls can bring...You know what ELSE is funny? They FEEL good...soft,and smooth.... I mean, they are hard, of course, they're pearls! ....but they feel so soft. If I had to pick three words to describe them, they would be : SOFT, FEMININE, and LUXURIOUS !!!...
You can not tell from the photo the way they SHINE with layers and layers of iridescence! Even in the picture you can't tell how very PINK they are. It's odd that these are NATURAL COLORS, right out of the shell...but the same God made colorful hummingbirds and painted the sunsets. So go figure! Love, Evelyn

Pearl treasure hunt winners:

DID I WIN???????

Karen Augustsson

Free Pearls
Karen Augustsson--1st Winner

"The pearls arrived today and I rushed through dinner so that we could shoot some pictures of me wearing them. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the pearls, they are much more beautiful in person. You can be sure I will wear this set of pearls a lot!"

So....I've re-hidden the same "Dragonflies & Pearls" photos. Let's try this again!

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