Perfume infused pearls next step for Atlas Pearls

“Dream Sea” contains a sweet waft of ocean spray and white floral essences combined with the crushed protein element of pearls which give the natural gem its lustre.

He now plans to inject this water-based scent (as opposed to traditional alcohol or oil-based perfumes) into Atlas pearls via new pulsation technology called water pulse emulsion (WPE), resulting in slow-release perfume emitted from the pearl during its lifetime, as part of the company's retail jewellery brand, perl'eco.

This new spin on a traditional luxury product is exactly what Mr Birkbeck does best: conjuring up new ideas and methods for conducting business or enhancing his products which often produce extraordinary outcomes.

BOILING emus for their fat helped agribusiness man Stephen Birkbeck turn Mt Romance into a $20 million company, now he wants perfume-infused pearls to shine for Atlas South Sea Pearl.

With the help of Parisian master perfumer Michel Roudnitska, the son of the “Pope of Perfume” and long-serving Dior perfumer Edmund Roudnitska, Mr Birkbeck has invented a milky white unisex perfume extracted from pearls farmed at Atlas’ extensive Indonesian operations.

“We’ve been working on Dream Sea for four years, and this is Dream Sea (version) 19,” the Atlas chief executive and chairman said, adding that its been his toughest challenge to date.

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