Point Reyes Oyster Farm

Point Reyes Oyster Farm

Almost every photograph in Evvy Eisen's new exhibit at Dominican University features someone who works at the Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

Eisen's subjects stare directly at the camera, composed and confident, daring even viewers who may have visited the oyster farm many times in the past to see them for the first time.

"I wanted this to be about people," said Eisen, who has spent the past year meeting and photographing the subjects of her latest exhibit, appearing at Dominican's Alemany Library Gallery the month of June. "I wanted people to look at these individuals, to see their grace, their dignity, their patience. And I wanted to let these workers present themselves."

Eisen knows that many of those who will view her new exhibit will come with strongly held opinions about the oyster company - either supporting owner Kevin Lunny's efforts to extend his operating permit past 2012, or backing the National Park Service's assertion that the farm should transition to wilderness after that date.

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