Purple Quahog Pearl Found in Rhode Island

Purple Quahog Pearl Found in Rhode Island

A dinnertime discovery of a rare purple pearl has left a North Attleboro couple happy as clams.

They came upon it while enjoying a plate of cherry stone clams.

Jillian and Samnang Sam bought a bushel of clams several years ago in Galilee, R.I., and brought them home for dinner.

"I was sitting there eating, and I bit down into a clam and felt something hard. I thought I broke my tooth," said Jillian, 26. "I spit it out and was scared to look down into my hand. When I looked down, I saw what looked like a pearl popping halfway out of the clam."

"We were really surprised, I thought pearls just came out of oysters," said Samnang, 27.

Finding a pearl in a clam is rare.

Read entire article about purple pearl found in Rhode Island and see photos here.

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