Purple & White Clam Pearl "The Eye"

by Roger
(Syracuse, NY)

Quahog Pearl with Purple Eye

Quahog Pearl with Purple Eye

Eating clams at our favorite Chinese buffet (at least go once a week for the clams)popped one in the mouth and bit down on something hard. I thought I broke my tooth and thought it was part of a shell with my tongue. I felt for it, felt something round and brought my hand up spit it into it and looked down and there was a mostly whitish pearl with a purple eye. When we left I showed it to the owner he jokingly acted like he dropped it and couldn't find it lol. His wife said you can make it have babies by putting it in with rice(not sure what she meant) but here is a photo but it does not do it justice. I am looking to get it appraised and sell it.

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Apr 17, 2010
looking for a place close to get it appraised
by: Anonymous

any one know of a place near syracuse ny to get this baby appraised.

Mar 22, 2010
Quahog pearls are special!
by: Kari

Glad the restaurant owner didn't really drop your purple and white clam pearl with the "eye". It looks like a treasure. Anyone would be happy to find one of these!

Have you been able to get it appraised yet?

Keep us informed as to the journey of your lovely and rare quahog pearl!

Thanks for sharing.

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