Quahog pearl flaw

by Kris R
(Tampa Bay, FL USA)

image showing chip

image showing chip

I previously posted a quahog pearl on this site. Recently I found a GIA certified also in pearls at a local auction house. Upon looking at it, they indicated it was 10.5 mm, excellent color, nearly round in shape, however, at some time over the last 26 years, I must have dropped it, and there is now a 'chip' in the outer layer.

I'm enclosing a couple of photos. One of the pearl. One of the chip under my microscope at 4x magnification.

So, my question. Can this chip be repaired? How does repairing affect the overall price? If it is not repaired, how significantly will it affect the overall price? Can it be polished out? Do I have options?

Thanks very much!


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Feb 21, 2018
Yes, a chip would change value, but...
by: Kari

Hello Kris,

Yes, a chip would change value, but...still, a quahog pearl is valuable and it would not make it without any value. It still is collectable and could easily be used in jewelry.

All sorts of solutions could be used to either hide the chip or just enjoy it. I don't think polishing is the answer but certainly one to consider. Does it look white where it is chipped? If so, and I'd be surprised if it did, then polishing would be out of the question.

As in many cultured pearls, a gemstone could be added, or a gold decoration as a leaf could be placed over it.

So, as I'm sorry your pearl has chipped rest assured it is still a rare natural pearl and can be enjoyed and valued anyway.

God bless and thanks for asking,

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