Quahog Pearl Rare Treasure

It's rare to find a pearl in a clam, much more so than in an oyster, but that's exactly what happened to Danny Wyndham of Huger some 40 years ago.

He's held on to the clam pearl all these years, showing it to a few people, but mostly keeping it to himself. Wyndham and his late wife talked about making it into a ring for her, but that never happened.

Now, on harder times, Wyndham wants to know how much the pearl is worth. His retirement investments took a beating in the stock market. At age 63, he is going back to work harvesting clams behind the Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island. "Any offer I would get for it, I would probably sell it," Wyndham said.

He found the clam with the pearl inside near Bull's Bay while digging clams for his supper. He said that he also found a mastodon tooth that way. He plans to go to New York City in the near future to have the pearl appraised. Wyndham said he has never found another clam pearl.

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Mar 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

steaming wont hurt it a bit

Jul 24, 2009
purple pearl
by: Anonymous

i want to know if anyone knows if a pearl is worth anything if it was steamed?? We found one about 30 years in a clam that was steamed and someone told us it would not be worth anything because it was steamed.

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