Rare Purple Half Pearl

by Dave
(Fall River, MA)

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I don't know much about pearls but I'm wondering the value of this pearl I came across eating a Quahog! I found it a while back, only problem is that it seems as though it was only half formed...the top is perfect the bottom is flat and you can see the rings of the pearl. I put it aside and found it the other day! Any information would help! THANK YOU!

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Feb 06, 2015
hey there
by: sam

Hey kari, I think what he has is not completely formed yet. The color seems to be a little dark and the shine is a bit dull. It might have been pushed out before it was completely formed.

Aug 18, 2010
Great South Bay Clam Pearl
by: Anonymous

Kari, I also own a rare purple and cream colored pearl from a clam that I dug out of the great south bay off Center Moriches, Long Island. My pearl egg shaped,approximately 1/2 inch round x 3/4 inch long. A good size for a natural pearl. I also have the actual clam shell that the pearl was siting in showing its very distinct coloration. My wife and I have had this pearl and shell for about 31 years having found it while on a claming trip back in 1979. We would now like to see if it has any value. If need be I would be willing to take it to NY City to an appraisor as we have no such person here in Denver, CO.

Jul 17, 2010
by: Kari

Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing your photos of the quahog pearl you found. The new feature lets folks add more than one photo. You're the first to try it.

The shape of your pearl is typical for quahog pearls. I've seen several shaped like yours. It actually makes for easy mounting with a flat bottom.

Quahog pearls are rare. Yes, they have value and value depends upon size, color, shape, surface, etc. Purple quahog pearls are most sought after and the darker & more consistent the color the higher the value too.

Starting at $50/carat for smaller white quahogs to $600-$800/carat for large, round, dark purple quahog pearls. Many think that the value even exceeds that.

These are sold by carat weight and often a friendly local jeweler will be glad to weigh it for you. Try and find a privately owned jewelry store as chain jewelry stores often found in malls normally do not have the ability to weigh pearls.

I do offer a few quahog pearls for sale for folks on a commission basis here on my site. If that interests you, please contact me. There is no fee to list them with me.

Thanks again, Dave!

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