Rare Quahog Pearl Find in Restaurant Meal Become Engagement Ring

Sandy & Ken

Sandy & Ken

For the past four years, Sandy Sikorski and Ken Steinkamp have been regulars at "The Bridge Restaurant and Raw Bar" in downtown Westerly.

We come here often to get the clams," said Sikorski. “They’re bigger and they come on platters upraised ... They taste delicious."

In December 2021, they had been eating at the restaurant with Sikorski's brother and wife, and ordered the quahogs.

There was one left. I said, 'OK, Sandy you have it. You really like these," said Steinkamp.

So, I took it and that’s when I tasted this big round thing in my mouth. I’m thinking, 'What the heck is this?' So, I take it and spit it down on the table, in my hand, and my sister in-law says, 'Is that a tooth?'

SOURCE: https://turnto10.com/news/offbeat/rhode-island-woman-finds-rare-pearl-while-eating-clam-made-into-engagement-ring-jewelry-setting-westerly-bridge-restaurant-raw-bar-buck-a-shuck-quahogs-shellfish-seafood-marriage-love

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