64" Ropes of Pearls

Ropes of Pearls are "The Thing"!

Anna Pearl Ropes 64 inches
Anna with 64" Pearl Ropes

64" of pearls can be worn in soooooo many ways. You will really have a fun time wearing this long length of pearls. It will become one of your favorite necklaces...I can assure you.

Pink Ropes of Pearls Necklace

Color: peach
Size: 9mm
Surface: good...some imperfections
Luster: good...lots of great reflective quality
Shape: button
Length: 64 inches
Clasp: Sterling Silver "S" clasp
Knotted between each pearl

Sorry, this is no longer available.

I was wearing two necklaces of these pearls in Dublin, Ireland when I gave a clerk my business card and she said, "I noticed the pearls you're wearing. They're gorgeous! How much are they?" I gave her a good price and she bought all I had on--earrings, bracelet and two necklaces. So....rest assured....these pearls are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

White Ropes of Pearls

Color: White
Size: 6mm
Surface: very clear
Luster: Good--lots of great reflective quality
Shape: Round, slightly button or flatten on top and bottom
Length: 64 inches
Clasp: Sterling silver "S" clasp
Knotted between each pearl

Sorry, this is no longer available.

These white pearls are expertly matched and are round, only slightly flatten like a button.

White pearls...there's nothing like this classic color. Yes...every woman "needs" a white pearl necklace. And with this 64" rope...Wow! There are soooo many ways to wear it.

It looks super worn with one or both of these other colors of rope pearl necklaces.

Your happiness with these necklaces is guaranteed. If you or your sweetheart is not delighted with these pearl rope necklaces, just return them for a no-questions-asked refund.

So.....now for some inspiration of how to wear these ropes of pearls....try 21 different ways for starters.

Search here.


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