Lovely small White Necklace and Earrings of Pearl

Every woman deserves to own at least one small white necklace and earrings set of, they haven't gone out of style.

White pearl necklaces have remained a fashion classic for centuries and will continue to be so for future years.

This particular necklace is a great one to own....wear it everywhere and with every outfit...even while golfing. Why not?

Want to be appropriate for every situation? Wear pearls.

It's also a great necklace for bridal gowns...not complicated...just perfect.

white pearrl necklace and earrings

Necklace length: 17"
Color: White
Size: 6-7 mm
Shape: Nearly round...just slightly baroque
Luster: Medium
Surface: Very few small surface blemishes
Clasp: Sterling Silver

Sorry, this style is no longer available.

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