Stuffer Surprise

by TDG
(Cape Cod)

5.03 ct Quahog Pearl

5.03 ct Quahog Pearl

A few holidays back, I dug up a bunch of quahogs to make stuffed quahogs for dinner. I found the first of 2 pearls (the larger one) as I was cleaning the meat out. I found the smaller white one a few months later doing the same thing, crazy!!

The larger on is 5.03 ct

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Aug 26, 2018
Surprise Indeed
by: Anonymous

The dark pearl is GORGEOUS; I like that you got a bonus one as well!!

Dec 21, 2017
by: Kari

Two quahog pearls....yes, crazy alright. Most of us would be happy with one!

Lucky you. Thanks for sharing. They are both beautiful.

God bless...Nice Christmas surprises!

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