Tahitian black pearl's anti-ageing properties

Tahitian black pearl's anti-ageing properties

FOR centuries, Asians have used pearl powder to rejuvenate their appearance.

The finely milled powder from saltwater and freshwater pearls contains amino acids and over a dozen minerals that are believed to stimulate skin’s metabolism and promote cell regeneration.

Skincare brand Pure Beauty has introduced its anti-ageing skincare line – Youth Restore With Black Pearl. It contains the rare Tahitian black pearl powder, and helps to counteract dryness, diminish signs of wrinkles, creates luminosity and radiance for younger looking skin.

Pure Beauty comprises a range of skincare and haircare products fully developed and owned by Watsons.

A. S. Watson Group senior global buying manager Susanna Yuen said Tahitian black pearl powder is hailed for its scientifically proven anti-elastase and anti-tyrosinase properties that protect skin’s elasticity and inhibit melanin production.

“Tahitian black pearl powder is enriched with calcium and amino acids that preserve sheen and shine. Apart from moisturising the skin, the powder also acts as a whitener as it contains anti-tyrosinase and anti-pigmentation properties,” said Hong Kong-based Yuen during an interview in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Source for Tahitian black pearl's anti-ageing properties.

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