Tasty Oyster Recipes

Tasty oyster recipes...roasted, creamed, scalloped and a pie!

Did you know that there are petrified oyster shells on the shore of the Thames River in London? While I was there, archeologists told us that if the shell is flat, it was from Roman times, because they harvested naturally grown oysters. If the shell was all wrinkled up...it was from a different period when the oysters were grown in crowded baskets making them form unnaturally....interesting stuff.

Because of that fun afternoon scrounging around on the Thames shore, I’m now a proud owner of 2,000 year old petrified oyster shells from the Roman Period of history. See oyster photos.

Now, enjoy these tasty oyster recipes...

Roasted Oysters in the Shell

Scrub the oysters shells thoroughly, lay them in a large roasting pan with the round side down, so they retain the juices as they cook.

They may be roasted in a hot oven, on top of the stove, in a steamer, or under a blaze of a gas stove.

When the shells open, remove the upper shell and serve the lower shells, as many as will go on a hot plate, each one with a hot oyster in its own juice.

Dust with pepper and salt and squeeze a dash of lemon juice over each.

Serve immediately.

If desired, they may be slipped from the shells upon slices of buttered toast and the juice poured over.

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Scalloped Oysters


1 pink oysters
1/4 cup melted butter
Pepper and salt
Dash tabasco sauce
1 cup stale bread crumbs
1/2 cup milk


Cover the bottom of a baking dish with bread crumbs, and lay carefully over it the oysters lifted from the liquor.

Cover with another layer of crumbs dusted with pepper and salt; then more oysters, and make the top layer crumbs.

Strain the oyster liquor, add to it the Tabasco, melted butter, and the milk scalding hot.

Pour it over the dish.

Sprinkle over the top of a layer of crumbs moistened with melted butter.

Set it in the oven, and bake until the crumbs are brown.

Creamed Oysters


1 cup cream sauce
1 pint oysters

Make a cup of cream sauce, season with salt, pepper, paprika, and celery salt.

Pick over the oysters, and parboil in their own liquor until they begin to curl.

Drain and add to the sauce.

Serve on slices of buttered toast, in puff-paste patties, in vol-au-vent, or in croustade boxes.

Oyster Pie

Line a deep dish with good puff paste, not too rich, roll out the upper crust and lay on a plate just the size of pie dish, set it on top of the dish and put into the oven, so the crust may be nearly cooked before the oysters are put in, for they require less cooking than the crust.

While the crust is baking, strain the liquor from the oysters and thicken.

Add 2 tablespoons butter and the same of cracker crumbs, season with salt, pepper, nutmeg, or mace.

Let the liquor boil, slip in the oysters, boil it up once, stir, remove plate with the crust, pour the oysters and hot liquor into the pie dish, put the top crust on, and return to the oven for five minutes.

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