Teardrop Quahog Pearl

(Cape Cod, MA)

I found a teardrop shaped pearl in a quahog that I shucked on Thanksgiving. It is perfectly smooth and measures 7.5mm x 11mm. Local jeweler said there isn't a market for these pearls - because they are so rare. Didn't quite understand that. He suggested making a necklace with it. Anyone sell one or know how to find the value ???

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Jan 12, 2010
There is a market
by: Kari

Hi, Yes, these are rare and there is a market for them. I would say that rarity even helps the market. People want rare things and the more cultured pearls flood the market, the more folks will be looking for special, rare, natural pearls and that's exciting.

Contact me. I'd love to see a photo.

Thanks for sharing and sorry I was so slow at responding.

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