The Mall Doesn't Help!

by Connie Kuhn
(Simpsonville, KY)

Connie in Pearls

Connie in Pearls

My sister, Barbara, our adult daughters, Jennifer and Rebecca, and I were visiting one of our local Malls in Louisville, KY several years ago. Barbara is from Maryland and is used to fancy shopping but she'd never seen a kiosk selling pearls and a woman knotting them right before her eyes. This woman whose name was also Connie whipped those pearls around and knotted them so that it looked super easy. Her fingers flew! It seemed a bit like tatting which we both can do. Watching her closely and making friends with Connie we probably over stayed our welcome. But we wanted to be sure we understood the process well enough to do it on our own.

Later that night we tried Connie's pearl knotting technique and couldn't do it. We were not even close! That's one of the reasons I found Kari and her site on the Internet. Looking up knotting techniques I discovered several none of which looked like what we saw at the Mall and all of which needed a lot of practice! But I did better than that. I met Kari and found her wonderful pearls. Much less expensive than the Mall ones. I'd still like to do that Mall technique some day.

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May 29, 2008
Thanks for sharing
by: Kari

Hi Connie,

Thanks for sharing your mall knotting story. I felt the same way when I first watched people knotting pearls, string and pearls seemed to be flying everywhere fast!

The rest of you may enjoy reading about Connie's graduation pearls...just click here.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Connie too and seeing her lovely Kentucky home. I bartered pearls with her for LOTS of wool and looming equipment. Read about that here.

So, Connie, I'll be sending you a free strand of freshwater pearls so you can brush up on your knotting skills.

Thanks for giving us the low-down on mall pearls.

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