The Quahog Pearl

by Jack Wilson
(Wrentham, MA USA)

Quahog Pearl on Quarter

Quahog Pearl on Quarter

2 years ago my wife and I bought a dozen quahogs. While she was eating one she bit into what she thought was a piece of a shell. She took it out of her mouth after almost breaking a tooth and looked at it.

She went to the sink to clean it and said, "This looks like a pearl!" We cleaned it more and it is indeed a pearl.

I have attached a pic and have thought of having a ring or something made from it. I know it's rare but the story is something we will remember.

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Dec 29, 2007
Happy Day!
by: Kari

Wow....happy day to find a pearl! It looks totally white from the photo and a nice size too. I think having it put into a ring would be a great way to remember your lucky day.

Sort of makes one feel like going out and buying some Quahogs for supper, but I don't think they're even available here in my area. Oh well, someday when I'm out East I'll give them a try.

Thanks so much for sharing your great story with us!

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