Tri Color Quahog Clam Pearl

by Tom Savage
(Chincoteague, Va)

Quahog Clam Pearl

Quahog Clam Pearl

I open a lot of clams and give a lot of clams away. A friend ask me to open a bushel of clams for him the other day and I found a beautiful tri-color clam pearl. It is pearl color on one end and deep purple in the middle and pearl color on the other end. It is oval shape. The size is 13.71 X 9.50. I have pictures and would like to sell it.

Contact Kari if you have an interest in buying this pearl.

Thank You.

Tom Savage

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Oct 09, 2009
by: Ted

Hi, Would you consider a $1,000 offer?

Aug 24, 2009
Nice pearl
by: Kari


Thank you for sharing your lovely quahog pearl photo. Have you found other pearls since you open so many of them?

Do you know the carat weight of your pearl? Maybe a local jeweler would weigh it for you. Natural pearls are most often sold by weight.

Your pearl would make a great piece of jewelry.

Thanks again for sharing!

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