Five Pearl Qualities
Video of Evaluating Cultured Akoya Pearls

Video of evaluating cultured akoya pearls explains and demonstrates 5-6 main steps.

As you watch this six minute video, you will learn how to evaluate akoya cultured pearls. You won't be an expert for sure...that only comes with lots of experience, but you will be well on your way to understanding the main characteristics of pearls and know what to look for when purchasing pearls for yourself and for gifts.

Let me summarize the main points in the video of evaluating cultured akoya pearls.

First of all there is Luster. Which is the reflective quality of pearls...this is the most important pearl quality. A Mikimoto employee in Tokyo once demonstrated this point to me by showing me two seemingly identical strands of pearls. was twice the cost of the other...a mere $6,000 instead of $3,000. So...what was the difference? Luster! Yes, one had a mirror-like quality that doubled the value of those Mikimoto pearls.

Second is Surface. As stated in the video of evaluating cultured akoya pearls almost all pearls have some surface imperfections...but if you can't see the imperfections when looking at the pearls at a distance of two feet...they probably won't be noticed by anyone. Therefore the slight flaws will not detract from your jewelry's beauty. Only you will know they are there…and you don't need to tell, right?

Thirdly look for Shape. Naturally, a perfect sphere is still the most sought after shape, although there is a growing interest in baroque or misshapen pearls which make for very interesting jewelry designs. The video of evaluating cultured akoya pearls does not mention the next fact, but a slightly button shape can greatly reduce the price of pearls and yet they will be just as lovely in every other way. Keep this in mind if you are on a budget. Here on I try and provide these kind of pearls...which are gorgeous, but more affordable.

Fourthly there is Color. Cultured akoya pearls come in a wide range of natural shades. Choose the colors that you enjoy wearing...they are all lovely.

Fifthly consider Size. Pearl size is measured in millimeters, so familiarize yourself with the decimal system if you want to visualize the size of pearls mentioned somewhere. After a little practice, one can easily imagine the size when you hear the diameter of a pearls in millimeters, but never rely on guessing, have the salesperson measure them for you if you want to know the exact size of pearls.

Now look for Matching. A well matched necklace makes a statement and should be insisted upon when purchasing. Ideally, all the five above qualities should match closely. Go ahead and mix pearl characteristics on a necklace, but make sure it is what you want, not just something that happened carelessly.

A good rule of thumb is to buy the best pearl necklace you can afford...but with today's reasonably priced pearls you will want to amass a large and varied pearl jewelry arsenal for your powerful and influential lifestyle.

After having watched the video of evaluating cultured akoya pearls you are well on your way to being a savvy pearl shopper.

Read more about characteristics here after watching video of evaluating cultured akoya pearls.

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